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Digenite is a copper sulfide mineral, one of eleven species containing only copper and sulfur. At high temperatures, digenite forms a solid solution series with bornite. Consequently, natural digenite typically contains some iron. The mineral name comes from the Greek digenes meaning two types, as the mineral presumably to contains two valences of copper (Breithaupt, 1844). The modern definition of digenite follows after Buerger (1941), who performed early X-ray diffraction work on the species. Digenite is rather widespread, found in many copper mines, but crystals are a rarity.

The mines of Butte, Montana, are well known for their large and fine digenite crystals, as described by Jenkins & Lorengo (2002) in the Butte special issue of the Mineralogical Record. This specimen is a tight cluster of crystal to 1 cm, associated with pyrite. The specimen consists mostly of digenite, showing its cleavage on the backside.

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