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Barrerite is a rare sodium-rich zeolite named in honor of Richard M. Barrer (1910-1996), professor at Imperial College London and zeolite specialist (Coombs et al., 1997). When first found in a tidal zone on Sardinia, Italy, Passaglia & Pongiluppi (1974) provisionally identified the mineral as sodian stellerite, however noting both a high sodium content and unusual space group symmetry. Later working with the International Mineralogical Association, these mineralogists obtained full species status for the Italian mineral, which they named barrerite (Passaglia & Pongiluppi, 1975).

Barrerite remained a very rare species until another occurrence in Alaska supplied systematic collectors with abundant high quality material (Di Renzo & Gabelica, 1997). This fine example features a 2.9 by 1.8 cm crystal protruding from quartz matrix. This piece is not a competition sized thumbnail, but rather a box-buster, for those who like to fit pieces as big as possible into Perky boxes.

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