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Cuprite in Kaolinite

Cuprite is a copper oxide, named by Haidinger (1845) after the Latin root cuprum for copper. Kaolinite is a clay mineral, named after an occurrence at Gaoling, Jiangxi Province, China (Mandarino & de Fourestier, 2005).

This piece is a study specimen of crude cuprite crystals to 4 mm grown in a kaolinite clay seam. However, it has interesting provenance: it was part of the E.P. Matteson (1891-1985) collection. Matteson was a well known dealer, selling many of finest specimens from Tiger (Arizona) from his own "Mat's Rock Shop" in Phoenix. Matteson did not have his own collection labels. When David New started selling the collection in 1964, he made special labels designating "E.P. Mattison [sic] collection"; one such label comes with this specimen.

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Item code: MS1413

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