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Haidinger (1845) named millerite in his Handbuch der bestimmenden Mineralogie. The mineral name honors William H. Miller (1801-1880), English crystallographer and mineralogist whose numerical method for specifying crystal faces, now known as the "Miller indices", still challenges mineralogy students worldwide. Millerite has an interesting crystal structure consisting of isolated clusters of nickel and sulfur atoms. The mineral has looped metal-metal bonds which renders it diamagnetic, expeling magnetic fields (Gibbs et al., 2005).

This is an American classic out of New York. Millerite here forms golden needles to 5 mm in a vug in hematite matrix. The matrix for millerite at the Sterling mine is distinct, powdery red-brown hematite gives way to specular gray hematite crystals, which form cavities hosting millerite needles. Formerly in the Vic Hoffman collection.

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