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Meta-autunite - Sold

Meta-autunite is a calcium uranium phosphate. In the third edition of Philip's Elementary Introduction to Mineralogy, Brooke & Miller (1852) named autunite after Autun, France. Gaubert (1904) later named the dehydration product of autunite as meta-autunite. Many natural samples first crystallize as water-rich autunite; those dehydrate when removed from the mine, and many ulitmaely fall apart. However at Peny, meta-autunite crystallizes directly, and does not lose water and fall apart. This meta-autunite specimen dates back to the 1960s. The matrix is flat, covered with fluorescent yellow 3 mm crystals. While small, the effect of the tight coverage of the remarkable daylight fluorescence sets this specimen apart from other autunite/meta-autunite specimens.