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Zincolibethenite is a newly recognized copper zinc phosphate, having the same crystal structure as libethenite. As zinc enters the libethenite crystal structure, it occupies one of two different copper positions. When the Zn:Cu ratio exceeds 1:3, the mineral is zincolibethenite (Braithwaite et al., 2005). Tarbuttite is a zinc phosphate named in honor of Percy C. Tarbutt (?-1943), who provided material for characterization (Spencer, 1908). Generally zinc phosphates are rarer and less widespread than their zinc arsenate counterparts. This specimen consists of turbid tarbutite crystals, included with zincolibethenite which imparts a sea foam blue color to the specimen. Microcrystals of quartz crystals coat the tarbuttite over which are scattered a very few gemmy zincolibethenite microcrystals to 0.5 mm. Well developed for the species.

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