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Parahopeite is a zinc phosphate mineral, originally described from Broken Hill (Zambia) by Spencer (1908). The mineral name refers to its polymorphic relationship with hopeite, using the Greek root para for "near".

This specimen consists of limestone matrix hosting crystals of parahopeite to 1.1 cm. The parahopeite crystals are colorless, with frosted surfaces. Also present is a fine acicular mineral in white radiating aggregates. This associated mineral appears to be scholzite, but remains unconfirmed. This is a very special specimen, being a rare, long known species in large crystals from an unusual locality. Typically parahopeite crystals in excess of 1 cm are seen only from Broken Hill, Zambia. This specimen is exceptional. This specimen was part of the personal collection of Ralph Merrill, proprietor of the prolific mail order business Minerals Unlimited. Merrill's collection card and label ship with the specimen.

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