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Microlite (Fluorcalciomicrolite) - Sold

Fluorcalciomicrolite is a calcium tantalum oxide fluoride. While originally described from Brazil by Andrade et al. (2013), the mineral has long been known under the designation "microlite". Fluornatromicrolite is a member of the microlite group, which in turn is a subset of pyrochlore supergroup. Nomenclature of the pyrochlore supergroup follows Atencio et al. (2010), which requires naming of a major large cation (Na,Ca,Bi...) and monovalent anion (F,OH), spliting most former "microlite" specimens into the species fluornatromicrolite and fluorcalciomicrolite. Analyses of mircolite group minerals from this area show Ca > Na, which suggests this sample is fluorcalciomicrolite (Lumpkin, 1998). This sample has not been analyzed.

This specimen consists of a rounded octahedral crystal of fluorcalciomicrolite embedded in bladed albite. The crystal measures 1.6 cm on edge, and has a grayish-green color. An antique price tag of $3.50 is also attached.