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Tyuyamunite - Sold

Tyuyamunite is a calcium uranium vanadate mineral. The mineral takes its name from its type locality, the Tyuya-Muyun deposit in Kyrgyzstan (Nenadkevich, 1912). Tyuyamunite and its dehydration product, metatyuyamunite, are widespread in the Colorado Plateau Region, which includes the Ridenour mine (Weeks & Thompson, 1954). The USGS published a study of the Ridenour mine (Wenrich et al. 1990).

The specimen consists of sandstone matrix showing veinlets and a surface coverage of tyuyamunite. While the tyuyamunite forms bladed crystals over some of the surface of this specimen, much of the material is contacted. Minor associated olive green tangeite provides color contrast. Formerly in the collection of David P. Wilber, mineral collector extraordinaire.