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Raspite with Stolzite - Sold

Raspite and stolzite are polymorphs of lead tungstate. Stolzite has tetragonal symmetry while raspite has monoclinic symmetry. This speicmen represents a mineralogical curiousity in which two species of the same composition form attractive crystals side by side on matrix. This piece has a gossan matrix typical of the Proprietary mine. Hlawatsch (1897) named raspite and also described the stolzite from Broken Hill. The name raspite honors Charles Rasp (1846-1907), discoverer of the Broken Hill deposit.

Raspite forms prismatic crystals to 3 mm. They are very numerous on this example, and form in association with plates of stolzite to 4 mm. These specimens are no longer being found, and represent a classic occurrence for systematic collectors. Excellent material for microphotography.