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Galena with Silver - Sold

The Ojuela mine was discovered by Spaniards in 1598. For over four centuries, the mine produced silver. Despite the historic production of silver, native silver and silver mineral species remained virtually unknown from Ojuela. Much of the silver is present in argentiferous galens, and consequently not eye visible.

In 2016, a pocket of galena crystals, with some associated purple fluorite crystals, was found deep in the mine. The combinations of fluorite and galena were limited in number, and quickly absorbed by the collector market. This specimen features a large flattened galena twin, 4 cm across, on a matrix of smaller galena crystal. But the most interesting aspect of this specimen are the numerous aggregates of native silver present. The longest wire measures 8 mm. This is one of perhaps two dozen pieces of native silver from Ojuela known to this writer.