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Austinite on Adamite - Sold

Austinite is a hydrous calcium zinc arsenate, originally found in Utah. The mineral name honors Austin F. Rogers (1877-1957), mineralogist at Stanford University (Staples, 1935). Adamite is a hydrous zinc arsenate, named in honor of Gilbert-Joseph Adam (1795-1881), French mineralogist and collector who supplied the original material (Friedel & Daubrée, 1866). Adamite remained a rather rare mineral until a 1946 find at Ojuela stunned the mineral collecting world with the size and quality of specimens (Mrose et al. 1948). Ojuela still supplies the collecting world with fine specimens.

This specimen features a 6 mm crystalline mint green austinite sphere, attached to the edge of an adamite matrix. Adamite here forms a continuous plate of interlocking gemmy crystals to 3 mm, with their chisel shaped terminations projecting forward. The adamite crystals have transparent yellow cores and translucent sides, so the overall effect is quite pleasing. This is a jewel of a specimen; the quality is unusual. Gorgeous!