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Arsendescloizite with Mimetite - Sold

Arsendescloizite is a hydrous lead zinc arsenate, related to duftite and descloizite (Keller & Dunn, 1982). While arsendescloizite remains a very rare species at Tsumeb, its occurrence at Ojuela brought the species to the attention of the wider collecting community. Arsendescloizite at Ojuela occurs in varying shades of green, sometimes showing a satiny crystalline surface and sometimes forming with a smooth surface. A typical associate is later firbous white to pale yellow crystalline mimetite.

This is a nice example from the 1988 find. Arsendescloizite here has a military green color and forms smooth surfaced botryoids. There are a few spherical aggregates of crystalline yellow mimetite providing contrast and paragenetic information. Much better color than most examples.