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Arsendescloizite after Cerussite

Arsendescloizite is a hydrous lead zinc arsenate, related to duftite and descloizite (Keller & Dunn, 1982). While arsendescloizite remains an extreme rarity at Tsumeb, the Ojuela mine provides sufficient material to satisfy the systematic collecting community. Cerussite is simple lead carbonate; it has orthorhombic symmetry, but often twins to mimic hexagonal symmetry. The name cerussite derives from the Latin cerussa, an ancient name for the compound.

This is a very unusual specimen, consisting of a bladed crystal, 12 mm, formerly of cerussite, now replaced by light olive green arsendescloizite, which is in turn covered by iron oxides. There are additional crystals diverging at typical cerussite twinning angles, unfortunately broken off. This is a one off specimen for a pseudomorph collector.

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