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Lotharmeyerite with Adamite

Lotharmeyerite is a nominally a calcium zinc arsenate mineral. Natural samples from Ojuela typically contain significant manganese which imparts a rich red-brown color to the mineral. Dunn (1983) named the mineral in honor of chemist Julius Lothar Meyer (1830-1895), who helped develop the periodic table of the elements. Later restudy of lotharmeyerite showed that lotharmeyerite belongs to the tsumcorite group (Brugger et al. 2002), and that significant Mn3+ substitutes for Zn in the crystal structure (Yang et al. 2012).

This is an attractive specimen of purple adamite growing on manganese oxide matrix. The purple adamite crystals reach 7 mm in this example, and have white crystal roots and violet chisel shaped terminations. Scattered over the botryoidal manganese oxide matrix, mainly cryptomelane, are red-brown microcrystals of lotharmeyerite. The lotharmeyerite crystals impart a sparkle to the specimen, a feature which led to the recognition of this mineral species. This specimen was collected in 1981 when a series of pockets produced world-class (and legendary) purple adamite crystals to 5-6 cm. Two of the adamite crystals are broken on the specimen, which otherwise would be a very fine purple adamite specimen; here the emphasis is on the quite rare and rich coverage of lotharmeyerite.

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