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Ruizite is a calcium manganese silicate known from a handful of worldwide occurences. The mineral name honors Joe Ana Ruiz (1924-2017), pharmacist and mineral collector of Mammoth, Arizona (Williams & Duggan, 1977). Fendrich et al. (2016) redetermined the crystal structure of the mineral using a fragment from this specimen.

This example consists of a mound of thick hydroxyapophllite tablets to 2.5 cm on edge, sprinkled with red-brown microcrystals of ruizite to 3 mm. This is a rich specimen for the locality, and represents a best of species occurrence. Also present are orange-red inesite and a gyrolite-like mineral, which is visible in the microphotography. This specimen is part of the Charlie Key mineral stock released in 2007. It probably dates to the 1970s when these specimens were first found in South Africa.

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