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Wölsendorfite, Becquerelite - Sold

Wölsendorfite is a rare lead uranyl oxide hydrate. Originally found in Germany, Protas (1957) named the mineral after its type locality. Burns (1999) solved the crystal structure on a sample from the Shinkolobwe mine, also the source of this specimen.

This specimen is a rich example of uranium mineralization, consisting of primary massive uraninite. On a fracture surface, yellow needles of uranophane form a carpet, hosting orange-red wolsendorfite crystals, green metatorbernite, and thicker yellow becquerelite blades. The specimen was formerly part of the Charles Noll collection. Accompanying this specimen are Noll's label and collection card, an advertisemnt clipping listing this specimen and a Ward's label. Unfortunately these documents all list the orange-red crystals as masuyite, which there are not.