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Norrishite, Wesselsite, Sugilite - Sold

Norrishite is a rare lithium manganese mica originally described from Australia (Eggleton and Ashley, 1989). The South African discovery led to a restudy of its chemistry, and a geological age dating to 1010 million years old (Gnos et al. 2003). Giester and Rieck (1996) named wesselsite in honor of the Wessels mine, which the type and currently only reported locality. Wesselsite has an unusual but simple formula: SrCuSi4O10.

Here norrishite forms a mass, 1.8 cm across, of brown cleavages to 2 mm. There are rich spots of blue wesselsite elsewhere in the matrix to 2.2 cm across, also with royal purple sugilite. While found in 2011, this specimen was purchased as cutting rough at a factory in China, and brought back to the collector market. Please note this specimen has a saw cut on one side. Great example of a rare mineral!