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Vauquelinite with Crocoite

Vauquelinite is a hydrated lead phosphate chromate, named in honor of Professor Louis Nicolas Vauquelin (1763-1829), a chemist at the University of Paris (Berzelius, 1818). The type locality at Beresovsk has historic gold mines which have challenged mineralogists since the late eighteenth century. When a brilliant red mineral containing lead was discovered (crocoite), samples were sent to France from which Professor Vauquelin isolated a new metal: chromium. The history of the discovery of these minerals, and the element chromium was summarized by a paper by Sid Williams "The Naturally Occurring Chromates of Lead".

This specimen consists of a flat piece of altered schist covered in dark green vauquelinite crystals to 2 mm, with orange crocoite. These minerals formed on a narrow fracture surface, which was too small for the crocite crystals on this specimen. They are all contacted on their front surface. Fortunately the green vauqelinite crystals were a bit smaller, and formed freely on this specimen. This is a nice and rich example of very historic mineral species. This specimen came from the Philadelphia Academy of Sciences, and bears a large label from that institution.

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