Kalahari Manganese Field – March 18

The Kalahari Manganese Field is the world’s most prolific producer of manganese. This mining region has produced some of the world’s finest rhodochrosite and hematite, as well as the finest ettringite, sturmanite, olmiite, sugilite, inesite, hausmannite, and thaumasite. Two of these mines (Wessels and N’Chwaning II) are together type localities for 19 species, including diegogattaite, wesselsite, lavinskyite, manganvesuvianite, marshallsussmanite, and sturmanite. Please note the ephesite, lithiophorite, and diaspore specimens come from the related but separate (and 100 km distant) manganese mining district of Postmasburg.

This gallery contains 24 specimens.