Type Localities II – August 5

Type localities supply the original material for the initial characterization of a mineral species. These localities are important for mineralogists who wish to compare new mineral finds to the established record of known mineral species. Often type locality material is consulted when discrepancies in chemical analysis or crystallography are found between samples of similar minerals.

The mineral specimens in this gallery all hail from their type localities, including aërinite, agrellite, bariandite, bayldonite, callaghanite, carpholite, cavansite, falkmanite, guanajuatite, hausmannite, liroconite, mansfieldite, mcguinnessite, metavariscite, nickelskutterudite, perovskite, redledgeite, santaclaraite, sénarmontite, senegalite, tsumcorite, zincite, and zunyite.

This gallery contains 24 specimens.